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Fin City Brewing

Fin City Brewing in Ocean City Maryland

Kegs ready at Fin City Brewing

Ocean City’s Oldest Brewery— is proud to offer a wide array of craft ales to satisfy any beer lovers palate.  If you are familiar with Ocean City’s rich fishing history, you will notice that most beer names are derived from the local and regional fishing history.  A few of our local favorites include our Jackspot Amber Ale – a medium bodied amber ale with a sweet caramel finish, White Marlin Pale Ale – an American style pale ale with hints of pine and citrus for a smooth crisp finish, and our Black Fin Black IPA – our most unique craft flavor, a dark roasty sweet backbone with a smooth floral citrus finish.

Ocean City’s commercial and sport fishing roots date back to the “Storm of 1933” when the hurricane broke through the sandbar that connected Ocean City and Assateague creating what is now the Inlet.  Captain Jack Townsend, one of Ocean City’s most prominent commercial / sport fishermen, continued to fish through the 1930’s finding a very plentiful fishing hole about 23 miles off the shore line of Ocean City.  The fishing hole was called the “Jackspot” after Captain Jack Townsend and the record of 171 White Marlin were caught there on July 29th, 1939 cementing Ocean City as the White Marlin Capital of the World.  Ocean City is also a destination for Anglers looking to fish for many different types of Tuna.  The Blackfin Tuna is quite plentiful in the Western Atlantic Ocean region from Cape Cod south.  Blackfin Tuna have black back  and yellow finlets which lend the name to our Black IPA, with a dark roasty backbone and smooth flora finish.

Be sure to check out www.FinCityBrewing.com click on the Fin Finder to see where you can try different Fin City Beers.  Also, stay up on our New Catch and Releases as our new beers are available.

Drink Local. Support Local. Cheers!!!


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