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Crabs are generally graded in two forms- the first being quality-represented by #1 or #2. #1 being the better quality crab–hard shell and full of meat. #2 will be a light crab with often a bright white belly-not as full of meat. Next crabs are graded by size- often from point to point or like we do at Hoopers, by weight. The point to point measurement or the weight is then used to determine if the crab is a medium, large, XL large, Jumbo, Colossal, etc. Every place has their own standard. Most importantly is to realize that you can have a 7.5 inch crab that looks like an Xl or Jumbo crab, but is a #2 quality crab that just came off the shed and will be very light with little meat. The crabs purchased at all Giant and Martin’s locations are graded on quality only. Crabs will vary in size but a #1 crab is a superior product. Thank you for shopping at your favorite grocery store and following the Crab Wagon!


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